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Conclude the installation

If you haven't already done so, please:

This is only necessary once after the initial setup and again whenever you install a new module or update an existing one. Magnolia will auto-detect, if a Web update has to be run when you attempt to log in. Running it ensures that all modules shipping with Magnolia or installed at a later point in time are properly configured.

The standard set up

In a typical set up, Magnolia is installed with two web applications: the author instance and the public instance.

Author instance

The Magnolia authoring instance is used for editing content. Administrators and editors have to login to this instance's Admin Central for configuring Magnolia and for adding or modifying pages.

Public instance

The Magnolia public instance is accessed by your website visitors. It is not accessed by editors directly but administrators are able to login and configure this instance as well.

Note: the default username/password combination is superuser/superuser.
For more information, please refer to the Magnolia documentation